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Are you coming to Dominican Republic and you’ll drop by Puerto Plata city?

Puerto Plata is one of the oldest european cities in the New World. It’s a great idea to visit the colonial heart of the town, the seaside boulevard Malecon, the spanish fortress from XVI century.

But don’t ignore the area around Puerto Plata and the leisure opportunities it offers. Interactive attractions, fun and adrenaline are waiting for you!

8 ideas what to do

Depending on what you feel like doing, you can spend your time exploring, experiencing folklore, trekking, sunbathing, adrenaline activities or keeping in touch with animals.

Puerto Plata Monument

Check out our suggestions for 1 day in Puerto Plata!

Puerto Plata City Tour
Dominican Expedition
Trekking Off The Beaten Path
Damajagua Waterfalls & Zipline
Paradise Island All Inclusive
3 Beaches Tour
Ocean World Puerto Plata
Horse Riding On The Beach

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Puerto Plata City Tour
Fortress Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is the second most historic city after the capital, Santo Domingo, and, in our opinion, the most beautiful. It’s worth taking a few hours to explore it thoroughly.

One of the biggest attractions is the cable car to Mount Izabel de Torres. At the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the coast, and immerse yourself in tropical nature as you stroll through the Botanical Garden.

The heart of the city is the colonial square with its cathedral and historic Victorian-style houses. The Umbrella Street and Dona Blanca Passage, where you can take fashionable shots, are a furore there.

Head to the Malecon waterfront boulevard to stroll along the Atlantic and see the colorful fishing boats. There you will reach a small cape with the Spanish fortress from the 16th century, a lighthouse and an amphitheater.

Don’t forget that Puerto Plata is also a place of rum and chocolate production – you can visit the factories and taste their products.

The city tour of Puerto Plata is definitely worth your time ! 🙂


Dominican Expedition
Dominican Folklore

Ready to experience true Dominican folklore? The area around Puerto Plata is a great place to experience Caribbean culture and discover the secrets of colonial specialties.

Visit a local cacao manufactory, part of a government project in support of rural women. See a grove of cacao trees and learn about the cacao fruit up close. Taste organic chocolate made on site.

Stop by for a Dominican “colado” coffee with our rural farmer and see how he lives.

Explore the largest fruit and vegetable market in the region and discover the quacks’ stalls where herbs, natural medicine products, devotional items and voodoo artifacts are sold.

Have a truly Dominican lunch at a restaurant for locals: a “bandera dominicana” – rice&beans, meat, mix salad.

Get an inside look at the country’s largest cigar factory, in existence for 120 years. Learn how many processes tobacco leaves go through and see how handmade cigars are twisted.

Drive through the scenic Northern Mountains with views of forests and pastures, on your way back to the coast.

Finally, enjoy a drink on one of Puerto Plata’s beaches.

  3. Trekking Off The Beaten Paths

Trekking Off The Beaten Path

Trekking through the mountains, valleys and picturesque villages around Puerto Plata! Discover our favorite walking areas and become familiar with the local people <3

See the real dominican countryside and enjoy the caribbean nature. Wander along dirt roads through forests and pastures, wade a bit in the river and dare to swim in small lakes!..

Have a cup of coffee with our familiar farmers and take a peek at a country store for a cuba libre. The locals will cook us a typical dominican dinner right outside the cockfighting arena!

The best way to experience the real Dominican Republic away from the crowds.

  4. Damajagua Waterfalls and Zipline

Damajagua Waterfalls & Zipline
Damajagua Waterfalls

Have you ever done “canyoning”? Follow the river, swim into the caves, slide down the rocks, jump from the waterfalls.. Do you want to try it out in Dominican Republic?

Explore with us this natural water park in the middle of the tropical forest! You don’t need to swim well, it’s just enough if you like to play in the water and you enjoy wild landscapes.

It’s one of the biggest attractions of Puerto Plata region and we know you’ll love it 🙂

Need to feel even more positive energy? Add an extra activity to your experience! Fly using the zipline, between the trees and over the river canyon!.. Although it sounds extreme, the attraction is safe for everyone.

At the end enjoy the true dominican food and taste the famous Brugal rum! 😀

  5. Paradise Island

Paradise Island All Inclusive
Paradise Island Dominican Republic

Want to make a little visit to paradise? Take a cruise to Paradise Island and try snorkeling on the coral reef.

Glide over the waves in a speedboat through azure waters, have a drink in a natural pool, visit white sand beaches, explore the coral reef around the Paradise Island, traverse mangroves…

Discover the Manatee Sanctuary, home to these severely endangered gentle marine mammals in the wild. Walk along the shores of the Atlantic on one of its wild beaches and collect shells of sea snails.

Enjoy local seafood in a typical beachside fish restaurant. Maybe you dare to try the fresh oysters picked by the locals in the mangrove forests?

A few hours in the real caribbean paradise!


3 Beaches Tour

Do you want to discover 3 famous seaside resorts and take your time for sunbathing, swimming and chilling?

Playa Dorada is the longest beach of Puerto Plata with gold sand… Sosua has calm azure waters in the bays perfect for snorkeling. Cabarete is the kitesurfing capital with numerous beach bars and a holiday atmosphere .

Spend a wonderful day outdoors, have a drink on the beach and lunch by the ocean.

Feel the caribbean vibes and have fun !..


Ocean World Puerto Plata

Do you have a desire to watch sea animals perform? Dolphin, sea lion or shark shows? To try snorkel among colorful fish or watch birds in the parrotarium?

Or maybe you prefer eye-to-eye encounters with animals? Swimming or interacting with dolphins, playing with sea lions, taking a dip in a pool full of sharks?

If you wish to spend day outdoors, in touch with sea animals and enjoying the water slides, snorkeling and the beach feel free to book your adventure at Ocean World 🙂

  8. Horse riding on the beach

Horse Riding On The Beach

Great adventure for all those who love nature and good fun.

If you’ve been dreaming of galloping along the beach under the palm trees, or even a leisurely horseback ride on the ocean shore, this experience is for you!

There is no need to be an experienced rider! Our horses are calm and we’ll take professional care of you.

Overcome your barriers and use your stay in Puerto Plata to make your dreams come true.

Depending on how much time you have in Puerto Plata, you can do one or more of the recommended activities. One thing is for sure – you can’t get bored in Puerto Plata!



Our tours are divided into offerings for cruise ship passengers and those vacationing at the hotel